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Siobhán Collins is a part-time researcher and teacher in the English Department, University College Cork. She completed her doctoral thesis, "John Donne's 'russet paw': Body and Word in Metempsychosis" in 2007. Her research to date has fostered her interest in how different forms of textual production reflect different notions of ontology, and different attitudes towards language and epistemology. She is also interested in notions of the text as body; in how theology impacts on rhetorical interpretative strategies; and in how a text's transmission in different textual forms through different periods of time influences its reception. She is also interested in critical and media theory. In 2002-2005 she was a Irish Research Council of Humanities and Social Sciences Scholar. She is a member of The John Donne Society, and is involved in the Donne Digital Project. She has presented papers at a number of international conferences. Her published work includes: "Bodily Formations and Reading Strategies in Donne's Metempsychosis", Textual Ethos Studies, ed(s) Anna Fahraeus and Annkatrin Jonsson (Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, 2005); “Selfhood and Technologies of Textual Production and Exchange: the Matter of Donne’s Poetics.” Writing Technologies Journal. Eds. Philip Leonard and Daniel Cordle, forthcoming, April 2008 and with Louise Denmead,  “Language and Science in Browne’s Explication of Blackness.” Essays on Sir Thomas Browne. Eds. Kathryn Murphy and Richard Todd. Leiden: Brill, forthcoming, 2008.


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