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Mary O'Connell is currently working towards attaining her PhD in the Department of English, University College Cork. Her thesis project, for which she was awarded a scholarship from the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences, is focused on the relationship between Byron and his publisher John Murray. She emphasises Murray’s importance in his own right, as well as linking the major changes in Byron’s poetry directly to his relationship with Murray. The primary aim is to determine the extent to which the publisher influenced Byron’s poetic production and his posthumous reputation. She is chiefly interested in the Romantic period, particularly Byron, Thomas Moore, William Gifford, the Shelley circle, the rise of the marketplace and emerging cult of celebrity, late 18th and early 19th century publishers and authors including Robert Dodsley and Laurence Sterne, the emergence of the commercial author, the development of periodical literature, as well as the Gothic novel. She has presented at several conferences, including the International Byron Conference and is working on an article for a forthcoming book on Byron and London. Mary teaches part-time at the English Department on 18th century and Romantic Literature.


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School of English, O' Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Ireland.