Why the UCC Executive MBA?

The UCC Executive MBA

The UCC Executive MBA

The UCC Executive MBA is designed to prepare its participants to become organisational innovators, leaders and managers. 

It provides a strong understanding of the core organisational functions and skills, but moves beyond that to provide an integrative, critical understanding of the role of the leader/manager.

Essential to this integrated understanding is the development of team and individual skills allowing the participant to work in a variety of settings and contexts.

Programme participants develop an understanding of the core disciplines including organisational strategy; operations management; HRM; management accounting and corporate finance; economics and business innovation.

Participants develop from this base an appreciation of the interconnectedness of all aspects of the organisation, and an appreciation of the role each function must play in delivering on organisational goals.

For most participants this requires an understanding of functions outside of their existing professional competence.

Central to the development of this understanding of the complexity of organisations is our careful approach to class composition, intended to ensure that class participants are exposed to a variety of professional and personal backgrounds. 

Considerable emphasis is placed on creating an environment conducive to the peer-to-peer learning we believe is vital to the UCC Executive MBA experience.


Executive MBA

The UCC Centre for Executive Education, 1 Lapp's Quay, Cork