What Our Graduates Say

Caroline Currid, CEO/Founder at Unica Performance Ltd.


The UCC Executive MBA is an outstanding program with a unique ability to get the most from each individual who has completed the degree.

Making successful strategic decisions is the measure of a leader and I can only do this effectively if these decisions are based on quantitative data which is analysed through informed learning.

The UCC Executive MBA has given me huge confidence in relation to completing a full external and internal analysis of my own business.

The MBA journey is a manifestation of my development as a business leader and it has given me the ability to research, analyse and confidently critique my business offering and business structure.

 I can now move forward, looking at different strategic options to positively enhance the competitive advantage of my company.




Caroline Currid

John O' Driscoll, Manager, Bank of Ireland

The UCC Executive MBA has benefitted me on both a professional and personal level.  It provides so much valuable, new learning in terms of management theories and frameworks.  

The teaching team are excellent.  They guide you through the concepts and let you see how you can apply them to your own organisations and decision-making patterns. 

A great thing about the programme is that I learned a lot from my colleagues as well as from the lectures.  There is such a great variety of life experiences and backgrounds in the class.  Everyone has a different perspective to bring to the ideas and concepts we were working through. 

The coaching and personal development workshops were a great feature.  They allowed me to look closely at my own continual development as a manager and an organisational leader.

The UCC Executive MBA is designed to give people the opportunity to grow & develop and to take from the programme as much as they wish. I happily availed of that opportunity.



Maura Rose

Maura Rose McMahon, Chief Executive Officer at GEMS Africa Institutes of Teacher Training.


The UCC Executive MBA gave me the skills and knowledge to take my career to the next level. 

The coursework in strategic planning and finance in particular provided strong programme foundations, while modules in corporate governance, marketing, economics, and HR provided helpful underpinnings. 

The sequencing of the curricula gave participants the opportunity to link theory with practice for deeper learning, and the annual study trips provided an authentic assessment of our ability to work as a diverse team of consultants on a range of business issues in an international context. 

There was an enormous amount of effort put into programme coordination and on-going evaluation by Joan and Senan to ensure the best fit for all participants.  

Additional inputs to the programme included on-going coaching and a number of other leadership related workshops to assist those of us who were in the process or planning to transition in roles.    

The January start date and the weekly lecture delivery were also key for me in terms of selecting this programme over others.

UCC offers unique connections outside of Dublin, and a personalised approach to programme delivery.  

The diverse range of students ensured a critical approach to ideas generation in a safe and supportive environment; there was a good mix of gender, sectors, and international students which was another important factor for me in terms of breadth of experience and outlook. 

I really enjoyed the two year UCC Executive MBA and would highly recommend it. 

It met the acid test of cracking the glass ceiling as within a month of finishing I had been offered a CEO post. 

As a further testament to the programme, the majority of our class continues to meet regularly for a variety of purposes including on-going CPD, and I suspect many will remain lifelong friends.   

 Maura Rose


Jason Rose, Supply Chain, Senior Manager, at Dell EMC

The Executive MBA programme in UCC has given me the opportunity for both personal and professional development.

The MBA program successfully combines the taught learning of fundamental subjects such as finance, economics, strategy and marketing with the shared experiences of a group of people from a very diverse range of industries.

The class is a good mix of personalities and experience which allows for ideas to shared, challenged and developed in a respectful and encouraging environment.

Each semester presents a new learning opportunity, new challenges, an added work load but always the opportunity for personal development.

I found the MBA to be a truly rewarding experience and one that I have missed since completing the final semester.

I have left the MBA programme haven grown professionally, personally and with a new and enduring network of colleagues and friends from a broad spectrum of industry and life.


Brian Dennehy, Senior Operations Manager at Pfizer.

The UCC Executive MBA programme provided me the opportunity to gain the business, operations and strategy skills to bridge my technical background and position me for a move away from technical focussed roles into more general management roles. 

Over the four semesters the programme teaches an integrative approach to the overlapping core functional elements of Management (Strategy, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Law, etc) and the more personal aspect of Leadership.

This integrative approach challenges you to consider how all functions of a business are intertwined and how each must be considered and balanced.

The programme also invests significant time in balancing personal leadership development and the human dynamics of leading in the modern organisation – an area that challenges your assumptions about both.

The UCC MBA affords a unique and challenging space to add these new skills but also so much more.

The 2 year programme immerses you in a new network of people, disciplines and experiences which broadens your view of the business world and your place in it.

The nature of the Executive MBA programme ensures there is a rich diversity of classmate experience that compliments the frameworks covered in the academic modules.  



Pat Cotter, Senior Engineering Manager: New Product Introduction at DePuy Synthes Companies.

Setting out on the MBA journey was not a decision I made lightly.  I did a careful analysis of the commitment required to embrace the journey, professionally and personally. 

When I signed up for the MBA, I was expecting that I would just be given templates to work with and that the classes would utilize rote learning methods v’s critical thinking methods.  I was greatly mistaken. 

The journey that I and my class mates took at UCC combined personal and professional development. 

The course interweaved thought experiments that enables you to look at situations from multiple perspectives and with growing independent thought which is essential for progress and performance improvement. 

During the 2 years I felt the classes’ capacity for Critical thinking grow and ideas and strategies became much more thought out and reasoned, leading to some exciting co-created ideas.

All the lecturers were of high integrity and possessed a world class knowledge of their specialist subject.  The course supervisors very open and supportive, with excellent facilities for team and individual assignments.

Once I made the commitment, the 2 years’ journey to attain an MBA became one of the most rewarding experiences I ever had personally and professionally.


Kevin O' Riordan, Director EMEA Partner Product Management, McAfee

Key functional elements of any MBA course include finance, economics, strategy and marketing.  The UCC Executive MBA programme successfully interweaves personal development through the functional elements.  This enhances the programme benefits as you increase self-awareness, as well as business and leadership awareness. 

The semester structure of the UCC Executive MBA enables you to apply and develop deeper understandings of the programme content in your workplace during and between semesters.  This allows professional development to continue in parallel with your career development.

For me, the opportunity to work closely with classmates from several industries was invaluable.  It broadened my outlook of the business world, not to mention establishing strong friendships.

I have found the value of the MBA programme lives on much longer than the two years at UCC.  I better understand where my business environment is going, how I can influence it and how I can continue to develop.

eoin leonard

Eoin Leonard, CEO, i3PT Certification.

In terms of professional and personal development, the UCC Executive MBA programme has been the single most important thing I have done in my career. As an entrepreneur, it would be typical that I would have spent the early stages of my career relying to a large extent on intuition, without necessarily giving much time to process or the difficult work that goes with real strategic planning.


The Executive MBA course has given me a much broader understanding of business in general and I have acquired the tools to develop real, meaningful strategies. I was placed in an environment of strong business people, where the opportunity for peer learning was every bit as valuable as the learnings from our set modules and lectures, which were also of the highest standard. The collaboration and focus on team work meant that the opportunity to learn from class mates was a huge benefit and the social capital that one gains from this network cannot be underestimated.


The leadership and personal development modules were, for my part, of the greatest benefit. It is one thing to learn something new, but without working terribly hard of developing as a leader and human being, one's ability to apply this newfound knowledge may be limited. The workload is significant but through these readings one can gain an understanding that becomes a "second nature". Decision-making becomes easier, as one becomes more self-aware and the results can be transformational. A paradigm-shift.


Since graduation I have, with the help of my partners and team, grown Eqtel Ltd to be a key player in the construction sector and led my newest venture, i3PT Certification, to a successful first round of funding with Enterprise Ireland under the Innovative High Potential Start-Up programme. The idea for i3PT Certification was formulated while I was sitting the course and the kernel of the business strategy was developed using the principles I picked up in UCC.


I am certain that I have the UCC Executive MBA programme to thank for a large part of this success. The experience exposed me to concepts and frameworks which will remain with me always. It has also introduced me to friends, mentors, investors and business leaders who I hope to remain in contact with for a long time. Last but not least, the field study trips will never be forgotten!


Donal Cronin

Donal Cronin, Director, Rockforest Business Consultancy.

The Executive MBA programme in UCC provided me with the ideal opportunity to further enhance my personal development and add to my skills in the area of strategy, development and finance. 

The MBA class provided a mix of personalities and experiences and in my view this had a positive impact in relation to what I took from the programme.   

The class environment was one where ideas were challenged and while points of view were respected they were not accepted without evidence.   

The significant challenge of workload could not have been managed without family support but the sense of achievement is one that the family shares in.   

I thoroughly enjoyed the four semesters and while the experience was challenging it was one that was worth the effort.

Shane Horan 

Shane Horan, Senior Programme Manager, Amazon. 

"The MBA program at UCC is simply an outstanding quality program from start to finish. It offers far more than a way to help progress one’s own professional career. There is a huge focus on this program on a developmental journey that is extremely rewarding and insightful.
In addition, the Leadership Development Framework provides a way of understanding how a leader or manager is likely to interpret situations and thus how they may act. The Framework offers a chance for participants on the course to reach a deep personal understanding and the option to identify unique developmental challenges. The LDP describes crucial sense-making processes by which people interpret and give meaning to their experiences and then structure them into more-or less coherent worldviews and characteristic patterns of action.

All of the tutors on the course are experts in their subject matter and are willing to give up their time to provide any extra assistance where necessary. You also get the opportunity each semester to work in a different group which is fantastic. This ensures you can learn from and share experiences with new and different class mates throughout the course.

The UCC program is also extremely well run and organised and there is a huge effort made to bring in a blend of experienced guest lectures and speakers. The study trips are also excellent. They provide you the unique opportunity to test your wisdom and managerial skills in the company you visit which is both hugely challenging and fulfilling.

Overall, I would highly recommend this course to those who are serious about enhancing their leadership skills, working with like minded individuals and of course developing long term friendships. There is ultimately no question however, but for those participants that are willing to engage and put the work in, the transformation in oneself is far greater than you could ever possibly realise."

 sean millerick

Director, Global HR Integrated Management Projects Lead at Pfizer

The UCC Executive MBA is a truly unique and outstanding programme.  The way that the programme is built on a backbone of personal development and self reflection, along with the exposure that it provides to theories and key business leaders, as well as the opportunity to practise through the study visits and class assignments, has increased my self awareness, business acumen and confidence in a way that I would never have thought possible.  It has genuinely  set a solid foundation for the rest of my career and has opened my mind in many ways, from the more personal aspects of understanding how I am influenced and how I exercise judgement, through to organisational issues such as leadership, change management, finance, marketing and others.  I can honestly say that I benefit from this programme every day since completing it.

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