Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development Workshops

The UCC Executive MBA Programme currently features two developmental workshops.

Year One
The first, in Year One, is based on the work of Prof Bob Kegan of Harvard University, and introduces his work on Change Immunity and Adult Mental Development. Participants receive a comprehensive introduction to the current state of research in adult mental development and work through a series of practical exercises that assess their understanding of and approach to the management of change.

Coaching sessions and reflective journal work support this process and are designed to accelerate awareness, insight and new, more focused change management behaviours and outcomes. 

Year Two
In this Transforming Leadership Workshop, participants take the Leadership Development Profile [LDP], a measure of leadership meaning-making - and receive extensive information and coaching to support an understanding of what the LDP reveals about their current approaches to leading.

The workshop and its accompanying coaching session/s and reflective assignment/s are designed to accelerate awareness and insight about the possibilities and limitations of existing leadership approaches.


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