Leadership Development Framework

Your Personal Learning & Leadership Development Goals

Your Personal Learning & Leadership Development Goals

Personal Learning and Leadership Development is an important element of the UCC Executive MBA experience.

Through the Leadership Development Framework, the UCC Executive MBA challenges you to consider your personal and professional development.

Each student on the course receives executive coaching on a one-to-one basis throughout the programme cycle.

Over the two years you work on your Personal Learning and Leadership Development goals through a series of individual coaching sessions, workshops and reflective reporting to form the developmental leadership element of your programme experience. 

Students bring a variety of situations to these coaching sessions to improve their personal leadership capability and effectiveness.

You will explore the scope and nature of your strategic thinking; define learning patterns that you will utilise throughout your career; and become an innovative leader, adaptive to change.

You will accelerate your thinking, decision-making and judgement capabilities by progressing through a connected sequence of analytical, action-based and reflective challenges.

Over the two years of the programme, through analysing leadership case studies with the teaching team, through to analysing live case studies with your peers, to the mapping of your own personal case study, you will experience a learning journey deliberately designed to promote a different way of seeing yourself, your role and values, change possibilities and leadership potential.

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