JumpStart Workshops


  • JumpStart 2018


JumpStart ‘Ready’ (April 2018) will place emphasis on important practical skills and pointers such as financing your degree, making a SUSI application, as well as operational and structural preparation necessary to set yourself up for University life, such as for example, childcare, transport, accommodation.

‘Ready’ will also involve a ‘navigate the UCC website’ session to inform students on where they can locate important information regarding their chosen degree programme and equip them with the necessary skills for navigating the many helpful resources within the UCC website. During this session we will also be providing our students with information regarding our pre-screening initiative in partnership with the Disability Support Service (DSS) as well as providing them with an IT Skills Survey so that we can determine the level of IT Skills our prospective students have pre-entry.


JumpStart ‘Steady’ (June 2018) will deliver workshops collaboratively with the Disability Support Service and the UCC Skills Centre providing a screening service for all mature students and relevant supports therefrom. ‘Steady’ will consist of an academic skills and study techniques information day, specifically delivered in conjunction with the Skills Centre, tutors and our current mature students. The findings from the ‘Ready’ IT survey undertaken will determine the level of IT support delivered and we plan to carry out the screening (with the DSS) on this same day.  


JumpStart ‘Go’ (July 2018) will be the first official welcome to UCC workshop give all mature students will have received their offers of places by now. The social and cultural aspect of life for mature students will feature heavily in this set of workshops, introducing new students to the physical campus and importantly to each other as well as to 2nd, 3rd and 4th year mature students in the relevant disciplines. These lived experiences and stories will be inspiring for new students, as well as incredibly practical and honest, providing an early introduction to the life and times of mature students in UCC. Further information on academic skills such as ‘note-taking’, ‘active listening skills’ and ‘critical thinking’ will also feature in this set of workshops before further developing these skills with the Skills Centre when they register at our ‘Transition2UCC’ workshops in August 2018.

We in the Mature Student Office very much look forward to meeting our applicant Mature Students at these ‘JumpStart’ workshops and welcome your feedback throughout the process. Please contact mso@ucc.ie for further information on JumpStart Ready – Steady – Go. We will contact all applicants directly to invite you to register for these workshops.

Mature Student Office

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