JumpStart Workshops


  • JumpStart 2018

READY: Completed in April 2018 (for prospective students)

STEADY: (for students who receive a CAO offer for UCC)

JumpStart ‘Steady’ (25th July 2018) will deliver workshops collaboratively with the UCC Skills Centre. ‘Steady’ will primarily consist of skills, such as note taking, time mangement, IT skills, critical thinking, and study techniques.  Additional optional workshops will be delivered on SUSI. Disability Support Service will provide a screening service for mature students who are anxious about issues such as dyslexia on the same day.

GO: (for students who accept their CAO offer)

JumpStart ‘Go’ (15th August 2018). The social and cultural aspect of life for mature students will feature in this set of workshops, introducing new students to the physical campus and importantly to each other as well as to 2nd, 3rd and 4th year mature students in relevant disciplines. These lived experiences and stories will be inspiring for new students, as well as incredibly practical and honest, providing an early introduction to the life and times of mature students in UCC.   

We in the Mature Student Office  look forward to meeting all Mature Students during ‘JumpStart’ workshops.  Please contact mso@ucc.ie for further information, and keep an eye on your emails because we will be in touch again with futher information.

Mature Student Office

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