Become UCC Ready

How to Become UCC Ready

There are specific academic skills required that will enable you to transition into UCC. We outline the main academic skills and great resources that will help you understand the terminology.

This is also were the cultural aspect of the journey comes in to play. Do institutions have their own language? Where will I fit in to the UCC community? Will I have a role to preform while in UCC? The MSO will try to explore these, any many more topics with you in our UCARE programme. This is a series of workshops provided for successful mature students prior to beginning their chosen degree programme.


Academic Skills

Completing a QQI/FE Level 5/6 course is a great way to build up the academic skills that are required to be successful. The MSO believe that prior understanding of what academic skills you require and when you will need them is a real benefit.

We have listed them below and include a great link to resources, for you to investigate further. We have a fantastic student resource in UCC - The Skills Centre. Click HERE to have a look at a short video that explains what the Skills Centre can do for you.

The following are the main skills areas that you should familiarise yourself with:

  1. Academic Listening 
  2. Note Taking 
  3. Academic Reading 
  4. Academic Writing 
  5. Time Management

Please click HERE to access some fantastic resources.

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