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3 Jul 2019
NASM 2019

Novel Applications of Statistical Method

On Friday 28th June the School hosted a workshop titled “Novel Applications of Statistical Methods”. The workshop was organized by Shirin Moghaddam, Michael Cronin, Amirhossein Jalali and Kathleen O’Sullivan. This workshop was funded by the Irish Statistical Association Short Course Fund. The workshop brought together speakers who have experience in applying statistical methods to interesting and novel real-world problems. The workshop was attended by academics and students across different areas of statistics with an opportunity to see novel applications in practice.


A full list of speakers included.


1-      Prof. John Hinde (National University of Ireland, Galway)

Title: Count Data Regression Models: Properties, Applications and Extensions

2-     Prof. Sally McClean (Ulster University)

Title: Process Modelling, Process Mining and Big Data

3-      Dr. Cóilín Minto (Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology)

Title: Challenges of Missing Data in Fisheries Science

4-     Dr. Amirhossein Jalali (University College Dublin)

Title: Interactive Tools in Data and Model Visualisation

5-      Dr. Kevin Hayes (University College Cork)

Title: Evaluating the Utility of Effect Size Based Inference





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