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Women in STEM

1 Feb 2019

We talk to some of our students about why studying Mathematical Sciences interests them!     


My name is Grace Mc Sweeney and I am in 2nd year of Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science. I choose to study a STEM subject as I have always had a keen interest in mathematics and science. It was these classes in school that I was most engaged in and intrigued by. I couldn’t think of a better platform than a STEM degree to develop my analytical, problem-solving, computing and diagnostic skills.

Moreover with the continuously growing possibilities in STEM I believe a degree in this field is a global passport. Travelling is undoubtedly a very strong ambition of mine and so this aspect really appealed to me when deciding to study mathematics at third level.

I would like to become a qualified actuary. An actuary’s ability to design solutions to mathematical problems involving financial risk and future uncertainty places them among the most highly valued professionals in the financial world. These skills lie behind many high-level strategic decisions made by large companies and governments and can have a significant impact on legislation, businesses and people’s lives. Every area of business is subject to risks and with such an internationally recognised professional qualification, you can work anywhere in the world.





I’m Katie McCormack and I’m in my second year of studying mathematical sciences in UCC. I’ve always loved STEM subjects because I really enjoy solving problems. When I was little and lamenting the fact that I couldn’t do magic like in Harry Potter, I was told that maths were the true magic spells that could change reality, and from that point forwards I was determined to study as best I could, and this has served me well in my pursuit of mathematical sciences.


I further fell in love with maths during school, and I liked the fact that it was a widely applicable degree which wouldn’t close doors for me. I had the luck of having several supportive teachers who encouraged me, and again impressed upon me the real world significance of mathematics.


I find maths to be a very rewarding subject, both the creative logic of pure maths, and the versatility of applied maths. In the future, I hope to be able to use maths in the real world in a significant manner. I know machine learning and artificial intelligence are going to be an important part of the future and I’d love to be able to use the subject I’m passionate about to make a difference in these areas.






My name is Alice Noel and I am currently in 2nd Year of Financial Maths and Actuarial Science. I chose to study maths as it was something that I have always had an interest in. I was quite restless as a child and always wanted to be on the go. However, maths was always something I could easily spend hours doing and fully concentrate on. I remember reciting the times tables with my mom at the dining room table and then as the years went on and I became more independent, I loved working on numerous questions and tackling them until I figured them out.

My plan for the future, at the moment anyways, is to be high up in a large global financial company or even own one, if I’m fortunate enough, and travel the world within that company to broaden my horizons and make the most of my years of employment.


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