SEFS Postgraduate Publication of the Year 2021

11 Mar 2022
Andrew Flynn (Awardee of the SEFS PG Publication of the Year 2020)

Andrew Flynn: Awardee of the SEFS Postgraduate Publication of the Year 2021

Andrew Flynn was awarded the 2021 SEFS Postgraduate Publication of the Year for his paper on "Multifunctionality in a reservoir computer", which was published in Chaos. In a collaboration with his supervisors, Dr Andreas Amann (School of Mathematical Sciences) and Dr Vassilios A. Tsachouridis (Collins Aerospace), Andrew introduced the new concept of "Multifunctionality" into machine learning. Multifunctionality describes the ability of a network to learn more than one dynamical task, without the need to switch between different network configurations. As such, multifunctionality re-uses existing connections in the network, and is therefore mimicking the situation in biological neural networks, where the ability to learn and perform new tasks needs to be accommodated in the existing framework. The paper is therefore an important contribution at the interface between machine learning, dynamical systems and network science.

This research was undertaken as part of Andrews's PhD project and supported by the Irish Research Council and Collins Aerospace - Applied Research & Technology, Cork, Ireland under the IRC Enterprise Partnership Scheme.

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