SEFS Postgraduate Publication of the Year 2020

26 Apr 2021
Pierce Ryan (Awardee of the SEFS PG Publication of the Year 2020)

Pierce Ryan: Awardee of the SEFS Postgraduate Publication of the Year 2020

Pierce Ryan was awarded the 2020 SEFS Postgraduate Publication of the Year for his paper on "Border-collision bifurcations in a driven time-delay system". The paper was published in Chaos and elected as a featured article by the editor of the journal. In a collaboration with his supervisor, Dr Andreas Amann, and Dr Andrew Keane (School of Mathematical Sciences), Pierce explored the surprisingly complex dynamical features that emerge through the combination of time delay and external drive in a simple dynamical system. The study combines the use of elegant mathematics in the form of border-collision bifurcations with its relevance for practical applications ranging from laser dynamics to climate dynamics.

This research was undertaken as part of Pierce's PhD project with the support of his co-supervisor Dr Sorcha Healy, and in partnership with the Irish Research Council and McAfee LLC under the IRC Employment-based Postgraduate Programme.

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