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New Light on George Boole

13 Nov 2018

New Light on George Boole Book Launch 

A new book on George Boole –New Light on George Boole is being launched on Thursday November 22nd in the Staff Common Room, Quadrangle, UCC at 5:45pm. New Light on George Boole is published by Cork University Press and written by Desmond MacHale, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, University College Cork, and Yvonne Cohen, a Mathematics and History graduate of University College Cork. Boole's academic career has been covered in a biography by Desmond MacHale, The Life and Work of George Boole (Boole Press 1985, reprinted by Cork University Press 2014). Now there is a totally new book on Boole, New Light on George Boole, detailing the human side of this great genius. It covers his family history, correspondence, love of nature, and his reactions to the devastating Irish Famine, as well as his family life and relations with his students.


Written for the general reader, New Light on George Boole is designed to show the personal side of a great thinker--loving husband, devoted father, religious maverick, generous benefactor, and much-loved teacher. In attempting to understand how the human mind processes thought and uses logic, Boole put his finger on the on the secret of mechanised thinking. This led to the digital computer which controls every aspect of our lives today.

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