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Maths Outreach Celebration

22 Nov
Maths Outreach Celebration

On Tuesday 15h November, the Staff celebrated the Maths Outreach activities of our School over the years. 

In particular, the Boole2School legacy, Maths Circles and Maths Enrichment programmes organized by Dr. Anca Mustata. 


At the event, Professor Finbarr O’Sullivan, Head of School, announced a PhD position sponsored by the College of SEFS in support of the outreach activities.    Anca thanked her colleagues for their commitment, in particular, Professor Finbarr Holland and Dr. Donal Hurley who were the founding members of the Mathematics Enrichment programme and also thanked Professor Paul Ross for his generous support.    Professor Paul Ross, Head of SEFS spoke highly about the many activities and achievements in the School. 


Professor Des MacHale who was the first recipient of the Maths Week Ireland award attended also with his lovely bronze sculpture of a Möbius strip which the staff members could admire.


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