Leading mathematicians address climate change at School of Mathematical Sciences workshop

24 Jun 2022

An exciting workshop featuring international experts in the field of dynamical systems, bifurcation theory, and applications to climate dynamics and modern optoelectronics took place in the School of Mathematical Sciences recently.

The event was organinsed by Dr Hassan Alkhayuon, School of Mathematical Sciences and contributors included Prof. Hinke Osinga (Auckland, New Zealand), Prof. Bernd Krauskopf (Auckland, New Zealand), Prof. Sebastian Wieczorek (UCC), Prof. Chris K.R.T. Jones (Chapel Hill, NC, USA) and Dr Andreas Amann, School of Mathematical Sciences, UCC.

Prof. Bernd Krauskopf and Prof. Hinke Osinga presented recent results on chaotic behaviour in complex systems with applications to modern optical devices such as quantum optical dimers. Dr Andreas Amann presented new results on computing lasing modes in multi-laser structures found in modern photonic integrated circuits (PICs). With the impact of climate change overshadowing everyday life, the second session of the workshop highlighted the importance of climate tipping points. Prof. Sebastian Wieczorek and Prof. Chris Jones presented new results on rate-induced tipping: an instability describing failure of natural systems to adapt to climate change if the change occurs too fast. They also gave examples of ecosystems that are particularly sensitive to the rate of climate change.

The talks were enjoyed by a diverse audience ranging from undergraduate students, postgraduates, and lecturers, to active and retired professors. The presentations stimulated several discussions, especially between UCC students and the visiting speakers. This has led to new research collaborations on topics such as tipping points in geographically shifting habitats due to climate change, and dynamics of cycling ecosystem subject to climate change, where tipping to extinction can occur but only from certain phases of the cycle.

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