Internship Programme

2 Mar 2022

The University College Cork School of Mathematical Sciences Internship Programme is a funded summer research programme intended for students in mathematics who are in their late undergraduate studies (enrolled as 2nd year, 3rd year students). This is an exciting opportunity for students who would like to gain first-hand experience of life as a researcher in the School of Mathematical Sciences at University College Cork. These internships will be titled either Boole Internship, or 1951 Internshipdepending on whether the project is mathematical, or statistical, in nature.

As a UCC-SOMS intern you will be given the opportunity to conduct a summer research project under the supervision of a researcher working in the SOMS. You will be able to develop research skills and learn how to communicate your work to other scientists and, where appropriate, industry collaborators. During your time at the SOMS, you will become part of a research community and experience some of the life of a research student. At the end of your internship, you will summarise and present your work in a final report and presentation. These internships provide an invaluable experience which will be of significant benefit to the student, regardless of whether they intend to apply for research degrees (Masters or PhD), or industrial, positions following the completion of their degree.


Internships will run for an 8-week period during the months June-August 2022: the exact timing of the project must be agreed between the supervisor and the successful student before the internship commences. Interns will receive support of €3000 for this period. Funding for five internships is available and at least two internships will be awarded to female and male applicants respectively. Students should select a project and supervisor from the attached list of proposed projects. Alternatively, students may propose a project that they are interested in, and nominate a suitable supervisor from the SOMS staff (this must be agreed with the relevant supervisor in advance of the application). Interested students should then complete the attached Application Form.

Summer Projects 2022


Application Form



Applications must be submitted before 5pm March 21st 2022 to the email address



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