Best Speaker Award

21 Jan 2022
Andrew Flynn (Winner of the Best Speaker Award)

Andrew Flynn wins the Best Speaker Award at the 8th Annual Irish SIAM Student Chapter Conference for his presentation on "One reservoir computer to control all attractors".

In a collaboration with his supervisors, Dr Andreas Amann (School of Mathematical Sciences) and Dr Vassilios Tsachouridis (Collins Aerospace), Andrew applied a modern machine learning approach known as reservoir computing to the control of all stable attractors in a given dynamical system. He illustrated this through the "control one control all" (COCA) task across several multistable systems with many types of coexisting attractors.

This research was undertaken while Andrew was working at Collins Aerospace last year as part of his PhD project funded by the Irish Research Council Enterprise Partnership Scheme with Collins Aerospace - Applied Research & Technology, Cork, Ireland. Andrew is currently in the process of submitting this work for publication and exploring potential applications in the area of computational neuroscience with Dr Cian McCafferty (Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience).

For more information on reservoir computing, see Andrew's publication: Multifunctionality in a reservoir computer, Chaos 31, 013125 (2021).

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