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Applied Mathematics Seminar Thursday 29th November 2018, WGB 304, 12pm

23 Nov 2018

Title: On a three-dimensional nonlinear model of Pacific equatorial ocean dynamics.

This talk focusses on some investigations into a recently developed non-linear, three dimensional Pacific equatorial model for ocean dynamics. The development of the model had been motivated by observations and the model is able to capture some essential properties of the flow in Pacific equatorial region. Analysis of velocity field and flow paths indicate that several known and unknown features (which are essentially non-linear and three dimensional such as upwelling/downwelling, cellular flow structures, divergence of flow from the equator and extra-equatorial flows, subsurface ocean ‘bridge’ in the equatorial direction and sharp change in gradient of the flow path) exist and can be simulated by the model.


School of Mathematical Sciences

Eolaíochtaí Matamaiticiúla

Room 1-57, First Floor floor, T12 XF62