Joint Framework for Ocean Noise in the Atlantic Seas (JONAS)

Increasing human pressure on the ocean and impacts on biodiversity are major concerns for policymakers, scientists, and citizens. Marine activities such as shipping, offshore surveys, and construction often cause continuous and impulsive noise that can adversely affect marine species.

JONAS brings together partners from Ireland, the UK, France, Portugal, and Spain to address the transboundary issue of underwater noise. JONAS will bring better monitoring and risk management to the Northeast Atlantic region, supporting European nations in meeting MSFD requirements.


JONAS aims to address the risks of acoustic pressures on biodiversity, focusing on sensitive receptor species in the North Atlantic, by streamlining ocean noise monitoring and risk prediction.


Prof. Andy Wheeler (contributor)

                                  Funded by

Marine Geosciences Research Group

University College Cork

School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, North Mall Campus, University College Cork, North Mall, Cork City, T23 TK30