Visual Identity Guidelines

UCC Visual Identity Guidelines

Visual Identity Guidelines

UCC's Visual Identity Guidelines have been produced to promote quality and consistency in all university communications. These guidelines are designed to help you select both the artwork most suitable for your requirements and to apply this artwork correctly. The guidelines will also help external designers apply the UCC brand in a consistent manner and have been developed in accordance with the Official Languages Act.

You can also download a copy of our Visual Identity Guidelines here:‌

Affiliate Brand and Visual Identity Guidelines

UCC has a number of key affiliates and subsidiaries who have their own brand and visual identity guidelines. 

Where can I get access to the UCC Logo?

To access the UCC Logo, please send an email to with the following details:

  • The context in which the logo will be used, e.g. in print or web?
  • Will it appear in a white or colour background?
  • What size approximately will it be, e.g. a detail on an A4 page or A0 poster?

The Overall VI Toolkit  provides lots of information for UCC staff about the UCC logo and its correct usage.

Where can I get the UCC Colour Palette?

You can access the UCC Colour Palette here: Overall VI Toolkit


Stationery may be ordered via Hacketts. Tel: +353 (021) 427 4014, Em:

Please note that the onus is on each College/School/Department/Unit to ensure that your stationery conforms with The Official Languages Act 2003, whereby the Irish Translation of your stationery requirements is positioned first on both headed paper and complement slips and that the Official Irish UCC logo is used when producing headed paper. An example of a correct template may be found below:

What font style should I use?

Two new typefaces have been introduced and should, where possible, be used for all external communications. Bauer Bodoni, a headline font chosen for its distinctiveness and heritage. Gotham for body copy, a modern font chosen for its clarity and accessibility. 

Alternative fonts: A new system of font has also been introduced when Bauer Bodoni and Gotham are unavailable. The font Verdana can be used for body copy in place of Gotham. The font Times New Roman can used as a headline font in place of Bauer Bodoni.

Branded Powerpoint, Word, and LaTeX Templates

Fully branded Powerpoint and Word Templates are available to all staff on request from upic

A branded LATEX Beamer template (package) can be downloaded on campus from the LATEX information page along with a copy of the LATEX colour template which implements the UCC branding.

Is there a gallery of photographs I can access?

Yes. You can browse and download high resolution images from our central image gallery, uPic.

High resolution versions of images can be obtained on request. Simply note the filenames of any images you would like to use, and email them to

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