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Social Media Management

The Office of Marketing and Communications at UCC manages the organic content on the university’s corporate accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Social Media marketing

Social media marketing has ‘virtually’ exploded over the last few years with both well-known brands and smaller businesses truly realising the potential reach and engagement opportunity. Just ‘doing social’ to be present on a channel is no longer good enough. If there’s no strategy and/or it’s unmanaged, your social media marketing won’t be as effective and could do more damage to your brand than not doing it at all.

For information on directly promoting your stories via Social Media, see: ‘Telling your story through social media’ on our Digital Estate page.

If you wish to start using social media for your UCC organisational unit, familiarise yourself with our Social Media Policy and/ or contact the Digital Estate Working Group (DEWG) for further advice: dewg@ucc.ie

Developing a social media strategy and maintaining your account(s) takes time, of course, but there are many free social media management tools out there to save you time and achieve better results.

10 common social media marketing mistakes

Developing a structure for your social media strategy

To help you manage your social media activity, we recommend you follow PR Smith’s SOSTAC® planning framework as it perfectly represents the kind of planning process you should be using for social media.

SOSTAC® stands for:

Situation – where are we now? (e.g. audit of your social media activity)
Objectives – where do we want to be? (e.g. 25% uplift in sales)
Strategy – how do we get there? (e.g. mission statement, how we segment our target market)
Tactics – what activities to get us there? (e.g. Twitter activity, set up a blog)
Action – How do we implement it? (e.g. resourcing your activity, creating an editorial calendar)
Control – Did we get the results we wanted?

Get in touch with us at the Office of Media & PR for advice and/ or strategy templates and guides on everything from Quick Wins on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to social media marketing workbooks.

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