Expert Commentary and Thought Leadership

You may wish to contribute expert comment to current news stories or trends or submit an opinion piece for News and Views on the homepage.
RTÉ Brainstorm, a home for new ideas and insights on Ireland and the world, is a partnership between RTÉ and Irish third level institutions, including UCC. 

UCC experts on RTÉ Brainstorm
Submit your idea or contact us (+353 (0)21 490 2758) in advance to discuss your idea/ the process.

Are you an expert?
Journalists are often looking to speak to people who are experts in particular areas of research, especially those that regularly make the news. 

Knowledgeable, articulate spokespeople add both personality and credibility to a story and so are highly sought-after. Please let us know if you would be prepared to act as an expert in your field.

Bear in mind that ‘an expert’ means something different to the public than it does to your peers. Even if you don’t consider yourself an authority on a subject, your experience and knowledge is likely to be greater than that of the majority of people and could be very helpful in bringing a story to life. It can also ensure the media cover stories as accurately as possible.

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