Homepage Carousel

What is the homepage carousel?

The homepage carousel is the big banner image at the top of the homepage. It can contain up to three messages / campaigns at any one time. It is a key strategic area of the UCC homepage and as such, the content presented here will be of a strategic nature i.e. it must tie directly in with one or more of the university's strategic goals as outlined in the strategic plan.

How do we get our content onto the homepage carousel?

Send your ideas to both Maurice and Denis who will evaluate them against the overall plan for the homepage as well as with the strategic plan to see if there is a fit. It would be great if you could outline how your proposed campaign matches with the university's strategic goals. 

We usually need three weeks advance notice for content to be placed in the Homepage Carousel, so let us know in good time what it is that you want up there. Generally, we would like you to send on: 

  1. Headline Message
  2. Sub-head message
  3. Call-to-action text
  4. A link to a page on your own site with more information
  5. Suitable image (image dimensions are 1920x708 px)
  6. Preferred length of time to include the content in the homepage carousel

The page on your own site should be up-to-date, and contain the relevant detail on the campaign in an easy to read / easy to digest format that gets your ultimate message across in as clear and concise a way as possible.

We may need to reword some of the messages so that your campaign fits tonally with other campaigns that may be running at the time. We may also need to change the length of time, depending on what other demands are there for the carousel space.


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