Promoting Your UCC Activity

Promoting Your UCC Activities and Events

Where possible, the Office of Marketing and Communications works to support colleagues' activities or events that align with the strategic priorities of the university.

Please note that is not always possible for us to support the many competing requests for support from across the university community, but we hope that the below checklist will help to broadcast your activity.

1. Your Website

Ensure that your audience(s) can find the most most up to date information about your activity or event by publishing it on your section of the UCC website.

Information about your event can be published in simple text formats - by using a news block or spotlight block, for example. Avoid using text in images on your page as this will not always be legible to those browsing on devices other than desktop. Simple tables will translate better across multiple devices.

To get the most out of your website, have a look at the how-to videos and information on how to help your webpage get found by search engines.

2. UCC Events Calendar

Events in the UCC Pulse Event Calendar

  • are emailed to all university staff (over 4,000 people)
  • are emailed to a number of local and regional press
  • may also appear on the university's event section on the homepage in the run up to the event.

Remember to include the link to your webpage about your event in your submission - this will allow people to find out more about your event.

Submit your event.

3. Social Media

Social media can be an efficient and cost effective way to help widen the reach of your message.

  • UCC's main Facebook and Twitter collectively have close to over 60,000 followers
  • Our social media mailing list of over 100 UCC accounts who may be willing to help spread the word about your event - if you ask nicely (!)

Find out about our our social media policies and general tips on how to make the most from social media.

4. Imagery and Film

5. Pull Up Banners

UCC Branded pull up banners are available from the Office of Marketing and Communications covering the below areas:

  • Research and Innovation
  • George Boole 200
  • Independent Thinking
  • Work Ready World Ready

Email to book a a banner for collection.

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