Why are we doing audience research for UCC

We want to do better

As outlined in the benefits of audience research for UCC page, knowing our audience will help us to better reach the people we want to reach. This in turn helps us meet our goals as an organisation (such as recruiting students, attracting research funding, or developing partnerships with other institutes). 

Until now, we've only scratched the surface of what we know about our audience. We want to do better so that we can support the university and become a resource for you in meeting your organisational goals. 

  • We will help UCC meet its targets
  • We will be evidence based in our approach to content creation
  • We will bring the audience to the fore of all of our content decisions
  • We will meet the university's goals (and your work goals) by meeting the needs of our audience, but in order to do that, we need to understand the audience better

We want to meet the strategic goals of the university

The audience research initiative is a core component of both the university's marketing and communications strategy and our website content strategy. Both of these strategies have themselves been strategically aligned with the university's strategic plan. 

From the marketing and communications strategy, audience research allows us to build on the goals of 

  1. Reviewing and strengthening UCC's established brand and
  2. Enhancing UCC's reputation through a communications plan that raises the profile of UCC nationally and internationally

but more specifically, it allows us to meet the goal of 

  • Adding value to UCC through focused marketing and communications initiatives. 

Within this goal, there are a number of actions that audience research will help us to facilitate: 

  • Action Five: Rankings Improvement - Support UCC's rankings by enhancing reputation
  • Action Six: Student Recruitment - Deliver marketing plans that promote the value, benefit and distinctiveness of our student experience and course offering
  • Action 8: Content Framework - create a UCC wide framework for storytelling that is audience-focused and content-led and optimises the right channel mix

The web content strategy  is an output of Action 8 as well and also relies on robust audience research for its success. 

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