CI and UMTO Members/Sponsors

CI and UMTO Members/Sponsors

How will this initiative affect me?

As a member of UMTO you have already sponsored a significant investment in a campus wide Lean training programme.

This initial investment will equip UCC staff to confidentally examine and improve their own business process using tried and tested tools and techniques.

Ultimately, you will manage a university where staff and student experiences have been transformed through CI making UCC a more attractive place to work and learn.

Will there be a role to play, what role?

As the overall CI programme sponsor you will ensure that CI lives long beyond the initial training programme and that UCC is recognised internationally as a leading practitioner of CI in higher education.

You will provide direction to the CI steering group. You will support and challenge the work of this group as a means of maximising the return on the overall CI investment.

Where appropriate, you will use your seniority within the organisation to champion the CI programme amongst your peers and secure the support and resources needed to properly sustain the project beyond the lifetime of the current strategic plan.

Continuous Improvement

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