CI and Head of Department/Unit

CI and Head of Deppartment/Unit

How will this initiative affect me?

At the departmental level, the CI initiative hinges on your active particaption and support.

Your staff will, if they have not already done so, particpate on Lean training courses.

Post training you will be required to create a supportive environment for trained staff to confidently deploy and test their new skills on live projects.

How will it impact my department?

In time, CI will:

  1. Address any overburdening of staff that might exist within your department.
  2. Reduce any waste created by your department.
  3. Improve consistency in the quality of service your department delivers.

Will there be a role to play? What is it?

Your role is to promote and foster a culture of continous improvement within your own deparment.

Small but important initiatives will help your department on this journey;

  1. Taking time out to attend a Lean training course
  2. Active participation on CI projects
  3. Supporting your staff before, during and after Lean training
  4. Literally putting CI on departmental meeting agendas
  5. Formally acknowleding CI sucesses and achievements

The initiatives described above are just some examples of how your leadership style can help encourage your own staff to embrace and adopt the CI culture.

We are already stretched thin – where will we find the time for this?

Lean advocates that significant improvements can be made by a series of small incremental changes. So, start with a small project with low overheads. Engage and utilise those already trained in Lean your department.  Showcase the approach and most importantly the benefits including savings in staff time and effort. 

Continuous Improvement

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