Vision for CI/Lean in UCC

Vision: What will CI look like in UCC once embedded?

Processes will have changed for the better:

Key administrative processes in the University will be more efficient. Processes will be of a high quality and will yield the desired outcome. Processes will be visible, easily understood and every process step will add value. The processes will be run by active teams who seek to continually improve them and the value of that teamwork will be recognised.

Lean will be the Norm

CI will be the normal methodology for approaching most processes – ‘that’s just how we get things done around here’. At least three CI tools will be understood and used by everyone. It will be possible to take on interdisciplinary projects as everyone will have a common framework, a customer focus and be used to working as a team. All new projects will be reviewed from a CI perspective at the earliest stage.

Two way Communication

This website will be informative, up to date and its contents will be highly rated. The website will be consulted regularly by staff. All staff will be aware of the initiative and will be able to cite a number of successful Lean projects. There will have been a number of press articles on UCC and CI. An active green belt forum will support and guide participants. The value of CI will be measurable and clearly understood at all levels of the University. Staff will know who the CI specialists are and where they are located. Communication will be two way via all media.

Staff Development and Recognition

In excess of 30% of support staff will have completed CI training with a green belt in every unit and a number of black belts in place to support organisation wide initiatives. Success will be celebrated in the form of staff recognition awards or a CI annual event. Having CI experience will be seen as valuable for career progression. Whilst CI will be focused on the administrative processes any staff member from other categories who wish to participate in training will be encouraged to do so.

Active Sponsors/Champions

There will be strong sponsor engagement with senior managers able to make a CI ‘elevator pitch’ for projects in their areas. All UMTS members will be actively engaged as sponsors to CI projects.. UMTO will be aware of the pipeline of CI projects and support them with the creation of dedicated CI resource rooms. Black belt expertise will be available in-house to support project groups.

Enhanced Reputation

There will be strong external testimony on UCC as an ‘easy’ university to engage with. UCC will be regarded as a reference site for CI with a strong portfolio of local and cross functional projects. CI will generate innovation in how UCC provides services. UCC will be a flagship CI university.


The student centred approach to service provision will be underpinned by efficient processes. Genuine improvements will enhance both the student and staff experience with a more team based, less hierarchical, more collaborative approach to work and innovation. Essentially, through CI, UCC should achieve the gold standard in information provision and services which all staff, students and alumni can engage with.

Continuous Improvement

Feabhas Leanúnach