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Paul Dineen, LLM Business Law

Paul Dineen, LL.M Business Law 2014-2015

After developing a strong interest in commercial law and company law at undergraduate level I decided that I wanted to advance my knowledge of these dynamic legal topics, and to grow an understanding of other areas of business law at postgraduate level, prior to embarking on a legal career in the corporate/commercial sector.  I was delighted to have chosen UCC’s LL.M Business Law course; for one thing, the diversity of the available modules offers candidates exposure to a wide range of business law subjects, which are approached from a domestic and international standpoint, catering for many interests, and career paths. From the outset, I was extremely impressed with the standard, content, and style of the taught lectures - they were at all times engaging and informative. This is reflected in the fact that members of the UCC LL.M Business law faculty have contributed some of the most widely cited Irish legal texts to specific areas of business law. I also found the faculty members to be very friendly and approachable, which created a comfortable learning environment in what was a busy year.

A highlight of the course for me was that while students are required to assess the law from the traditional theoretical/academic perspective, there is also a strong emphasis on how the law operates in practice, which should make for a smoother transition from law school to the workplace. Ultimately, on reflection, I benefited greatly from my time on the LL.M Business Law at UCC. My independent research and writing skills are far more developed than before I began, which are useful/core strengths to be able to display to prospective employer law firms. Most importantly, my knowledge of business law has increased substantially. I would encourage all those contemplating an LL.M, and who hold an interest in business law to apply. It may help you not only to develop a specialisation in a particular area of business law (e.g. corporate insolvency law or financial services law) but should also increase your employability in an already competitive market for trainee lawyers.

Emelie Ghio, LLM (Business Law)

Emilie Ghio, LLM (Business Law) 

Undertaking the LL.M in Business Law in University College Cork for the academic year 2013/2014 was an unparalleled experience from which I have benefited greatly. The LL.M in Business Law allowed me to focus on specific areas of law that I had discovered at undergraduate level in much more detail.  This LL.M offers a variety of courses which cater to a broad spectrum of business law aspects. The classes are in seminar format, allowing students to participate and interact with each other. In addition, the experience and instruction of the staff is unmatched. The skills and knowledge acquired from the programme prepares candidates for an abundance of industries, opportunities and challenges.  

At the end of the programme, I had developed a methodology which allows me to confidently analyse the problems arising in commercial matters. I acquired a deep, critical and coherent knowledge and understanding of various aspects of substantive and procedural law that are fundamental to business law. I believe that this LL.M provides students with an opportunity to develop transferable and marketable skills and knowledge, enhancing employment opportunities in the legal profession and a range of other careers.  It provided an additional attractive credential for my profile and equips students with more knowledge of the Irish, European and international markets. This aspect of the programme stands out in preparing candidates for a career in a law.

Finally, it provides an excellent opportunity to develop research skills as students are required to complete a dissertation in the field of their choice. This was my first attempt at specialised research and after a few weeks of working on my project, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in legal research. Today, I am a PhD student at University College Cork, where I am drawing on my LL.M knowledge and findings to complete my PhD thesis. The LL.M was an experience I will never forget and one that will continue to serve me well for the rest of my career.

Oliver Kingston, LLM (Business Law)

Oliver Kingston, LLM (Business Law) 

After completing my LL.B degree I was keen to continue my legal education and chose to study the masters degree in Business Law in UCC. I chose UCC due to its overall reputation for academic excellence. The LLM in Business Law appealed to me as it allowed me to combine my business knowledge with my legal education. The interactions between the legal and business world is becoming more frequent than ever before, particularly with regard to regulation and compliance in the business area. The structure and the content of the LLM provided me with a real understanding of this intricate area of commercial law, and was delivered by lecturers with extensive academic, practical and policy experience. I would strongly recommend the LLM in Business Law to any student looking to further their legal or business career. 

Martin O'Callaghan, LLM (Business Law)

Martin O'Callaghan, LLM (Business Law) 

My name is Martin O’Callaghan and I studied law in UCC completing a BCL (Clinical) degree in 2013. I decided to apply to do a Master's degree in Law as I felt that in the current economic climate, it would be beneficial to me to have an extra qualification and a specialised area of knowledge.  I chose to remain in UCC to pursue the inaugural LLM (Business Law) Course owing to the excellent facilities on offer at UCC and the great impression the Faculty of Law and the academic staff had upon me whilst I studied for my undergraduate degree. 

I studied subjects such as E-Commerce, The Law of Secured Lending, Intellectual Property and was able to partake in undergraduate subjects I had not opted for when I was an undergrad e.g. Banking Law. I really enjoyed the year and whilst it was hard work, I feel it definitely helped me to develop further in my legal studies and my aspirations in working in a commercial law firm. I was fortunate throughout the year to have been offered a training contract by Ronan Daly Jermyn Solicitors and I am hopeful I can put the skills I learned throughout the year to good use working in the professional world. I would definitely recommend the LLM (Business Law) Degree for anyone who has an interest in pursuing a career in Commercial/Corporate Law.

Sarah Slevin, LLM (Business Law)

Sarah Slevin, LLM (Business Law) 

I found the LL.M (Business Law) in UCC to be a highly beneficial and professionally-run Masters degree, with the course itself being very much geared towards the practice as well as the study of law.

Whilst I was able to tailor the Masters to suit my interests, I was offered a diverse array of modules which covered both core and topical subjects in business law, such as secured lending, IP law, e-commerce and business law in practice. Although we were guided by expert lecturers, much of our work was driven by our own interests, making the Masters much more self-directed and enjoyable. On a personal level, I found that the experience of completing the dissertation, in particular, was crucial in bringing my skills in the fields of legal research and writing to a whole new level.

My time spent studying for the LL.M (Business Law) confirmed to me that my specific interests lay in the commercial world, but also, just as importantly, greatly expanded and deepened my knowledge and understanding of a wide range of issues which arise in the area of business law, both in a theoretical and practical sense. Next year I will take up a position as a trainee solicitor with Ronan Daly Jermyn Solicitors in Cork City, and I hope to bring to the role a much broader knowledge of the law as it operates in the commercial sector because of my time spent studying at postgraduate level at UCC.

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