Seventh Annual eLaw Summer Institute Announced

The Faculty of Law, UCC, in association with University of New Hampshire School of Law, is pleased to anounce the launch of the 8th Annual eLaw Summer Institute (eLSI), to be run from 2nd July to 20th July 2012 at the UCC.

Initiated in the summer of 2005, the e-Law Summer Institute (eLSI) focuses on the emerging policy and law of the information age.  Now in its seventh year, it is a co-production between UCC’s Faculty of Law and the University of New Hampshire School of Law (formerly Franklin Pierce Law Center), and it utilises both the Faculty’s considerable teaching expertise in the fields of e-Law and Commercial Law and the School of Law’s deep understanding of the world of Commerce, Technology and Intellectual Property, resulting in an in-depth and pertinent course for the modern e-Law specialist.

Among the areas covered during the course, eLSI focuses on the emerging policy and law of the information age and is designed to be a critical learning experience for the lawyer of the 21st century.  Topics discussed include: regulation of the internet and cyber crime; data protection; online contracting; and the legal control of blogs, spam and phishing. As well as addressing issues of law and policy of the information age, eLSI is at the fore in using information technology in the delivery of its courses.  For instance, students are provided with CDs of reading materials in advance of classes.  eLSI also includes asynchronous teaching modules whereby individual classes are pre-recorded and delivered on DVD for viewing on computer or video iPod.  Participants include students from Ireland, the US and France, both undergraduate and postgraduate, which provides an interesting and dynamic learning environment.

The UCC co-Directors of eLSI, Dr Fidelma White and Dr Louise Crowley, were recently awarded a President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (2009) for their work on the programme.

Please see http://www.ucc.ie/en/lawsite/students/eLSI/ for more information and application forms.

Picture shows Professor Susan Richey, UNH School of Law, with eLSI students in 2010 

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