mental health conf feb 2010

Mental Health Law Conference 2010

Faculty of Law, UCC / Mental Health Lawyers Association

Mental Health Law Conference 2010

Mental Health Law Conference

This conference took place on Friday 26 February 2010 from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Conference Papers and Videos:

Session I 
(Chair: Dr Martin Lawlor, Consultant Psychiatrist, Carraig Mór Centre, Cork)    

‘International Human Rights Law and Mental Health’  
Ms Mary Forde, Legal Officer, Amnesty International Ireland 

‘Themes from Recent Mental Health Case-Law’   
Dr Darius Whelan, Faculty of Law, UCC

Session II  
(Chair: Ms Ita Mac Gruairc, Barrister at Law)     

'Aims and Structure of the Mental Health Lawyers Association'    
Mr Mark Felton, Solicitor, Chairperson, Mental Health Lawyers Association

‘The Mental Health Act 2001 in Practice’   
Ms Áine Hynes, Solicitor, Vice Chairperson, Mental Health Lawyers Association    

'The Mental Health Act 2001:  Paternalistic or Rights-Based?' 
Mr Michael Lynn, Barrister at Law

Session III 
(Chair: Dr Mary Henry, Former Independent Senator)    

'Mental Health Commission – Strategic Agenda 2010–2012 and Key Current Issues'
Mr Hugh Kane, CEO, Mental Health Commission  

‘Service-User: A Contextual Exploration through the Years’
Mr Diarmaid Ring, Mental Health Service User and Activist

‘Treatment and Conditions: A Human Rights Perspective’ 
Dr Mary Donnelly, Faculty of Law, UCC

‘Mental Capacity in the context of the Mental Health Act 2001’  
Ms Patricia Rickard-Clarke, Law Reform Commission

The conference was followed by a book launch by Dr Mary Henry, former independent Senator, of Mental Health Law and Practice, published by Round Hall and written by Dr Darius Whelan.

Conference Secretary:  Ms Noreen Delea, Faculty of Law, University College Cork

E-mail   Tel. (021) 490 3220.  

Conference Convenor:  Dr Darius Whelan (

School of Law

Scoil an Dlí

Room 1.63, T12 T656