Postgraduate Conference 2007

UCC Postgraduate Conference on Criminal Justice and Human Rights

Hosted by the Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University College Cork.

3rd May 2007

Conference Photo

G.1 KANE/SCIENCE BUILDING                          

9.15-9.45 Registration: Foyer of G.1/G.2

9.45-10.00 Opening Address : Professor Caroline Fennell

10.00-11.00 Keynote Address: Mr. Mark Kelly, Director, Irish Council for Civil Liberties


Session 1: Panel A

Venue: G.1

Contemporary Challenges in Criminal Justice

Chair: Dr. Ursula Kilkelly

Anthony McGrath (UCC) – “The Needs and Concerns of the Co-Victims of Homicide in the Irish Criminal Justice Process”

Lynne Copson (Bristol) – “Who is the Legitimate Victim?”

Laura Kelly (Liverpool) – “New realms of social control? Contestations and controversies concerning ‘youth crime’, ‘young offenders’ and ‘sports-based interventions’”

Liz Campbell (UCC): “Public Protection and Crime Control: The Growth of Communitarianism in the Irish Criminal Process”


Session 1: Panel B

Venue: G.2

Trends and Challenges in Human Rights

Chair: Dr. Conor O’Mahony

Stephanie Switzer (UCD) – “New Directions in Human Rights Enforcement: Positive Conditionality in the Generalised System of Preferences”

Cian Murphy (KCL)) – “The Rule of Law in the EU: Targeted Sanctions Against Individuals”

Olufemi Amao (UCC) – “Chinese Multinational Corporations in Nigeria: What Implications For Human Rights And Corporate Social Responsibility?”

Maria-Laura Voda (Bucharest) – “Human Rights Enforcement In A Transitory Nepal - Interdisciplinary Approach”


Session 1: Panel C

Venue: G.18

Law in the Margins

Chair: Dr. Mary Donnelly

Claire Murray (UCC) – “Safeguarding the Rights of Incapable Compliant Patients in Irish Mental Health Law – The Impact of Article 5”

Elionóir Flynn (UCC) – “Advocacy Services for People with Disabilities – The Potential for Improved Enforcement of Disability Rights in Ireland”

Darren O’Donovan (UCC) – “The Irish Travelling Community: The Struggle for Recognition”

Tanya Ní Mhuirthile (UCC) – “Embodiment in Article 8 of the ECHR: A Potential Resolution for the Challenge Posed by the Intersexed?”


Session 2: Panel A

Venue: G.1.

Criminal Process and Penal Policy

Chair: Dr. Shane Kilcommins

Rick Lines (ICHR, NUIG) – “A “most serious crime”? International Human Rights Law and the Death Penalty for Drug Offences”

Colin King (UL) – “The Witness Protection Programme – A powerful new tool in the fight against organised crime”

Nora Ní Loideain (NUIG) – “ Juries: Achieving the Cross-Sectional Ideal”

Samantha Lumb (Aberystwyth) – “Institutional Racism or Good Policing: Stop and Search Post 9/11”


Session 2: Panel B

Venue: G.2.

Sexuality, Gender and the Law

Chair: Dr. Catherine O’Sullivan

Lydia Buckley (UCC) – “Placing the Criminal Law relating to Child Sexual Abuse in Context: A Socio-Legal Analysis of the Current Law in Ireland”

Carol Staunton (DIT) – “The Public’s Policy: Remedying the Problem of the Current Rape Controversy”

Sonya Donnelly (UCC):  Societal Attitudes to Sexual Violence and its influence on the regulation of the Irish Legal System”

Vicky Conway (QUB) – “It’s a Man’s World: Women and an Garda Siochána”


Session 2: Panel C

Venue: G.18

Crime, Culture and Rights

Chair: Mr. Gerard Murphy

Charmaye Often (UCC) – “Affording Fairness and Equality in the Criminal Justice System to the Innocent Persons Convicted of Crime Due to the Misconduct of Police and/or Prosecutors”

Fatih Ozturk (UCC) – “The Ottoman Legacy”

Onder Bakircioglu (UCC) – “The Doctrine of Margin of Appreciation in Relation with Freedom of Expression and Public Morality”


Session 3: Panel A

Venue: G.1.

Human Rights, Criminal Justice and the ‘War on Terror’

Chair: Dr. Siobhán Wills

Paul Taylor-Bishop (Birmingham) – “International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law and the War on Terror”

Sam Burton (Sheffield Hallam) – “Control Orders: A Response to the Critics”

Natalia Szablewska (Aberystwyth) – “The Relationship between Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law in Non-International Armed Conflicts”

Fiona de Londras (UCC) – “Guantanamo Bay: Towards Legality?”


Session 3: Panel B

Venue: G.2

Questions of Rights and Justice in Post-Conflict Situations

Chair: Dr. Sibo Banda

Peter Szigeti – “The Form and the Context of the International Criminal Trial”

Pádraig MacAmhlaoibh (UCC) – “Defendants’ Rights in Hybrid Tribunals: Bolstering the Judicial Duty to Protect”

Darren Dinsmore (QUB) – “Rights, Remedies & Recognition: An Assessment of the Role and Impact of the European Court of Human Rights and Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in Post-conflict Turkey”

Jan Wetzel (Bonn) – “The Proposed Special Tribunal for Lebanon”


Session 3: Panel C

Venue: G.18

Immigration, Asylum and Human Rights

Chair: Dr. Siobhán Mullally

Violeta Moreno Lax (Louvain) – “Reconciling The Common European Asylum System With The Geneva Convention Through Soft Convergence

Liam Thornton (UCC)- “Social Citizenship and the reception conditions of asylum seekers in the Republic of Ireland”

Claire Cumiskey (UCC) – “Trafficking in persons for the purpose of sexual exploitation: the right of the victim to protection in the asylum process”

Matilde Ventrella (Birmingham) – “Eurojust and its preliminary ruling in the criminal area, with particular emphasis on trafficking in human beings”

17.45, G.1, Closing Address: Dr. Siobhán Mullally

Followed by Clarus Press Wine Reception in Staff Common Room

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