Timetables (Lecture & Tutorial, inc. Sign-Up)

Lectures for ALL programmes will commence on Monday 12th September 2016.

Tutorial Timetables will be issued after term begins.

For explanations of the short hand codes used in the timetables see Venue & Room Information and Staff Information below.  For locations of venues see the UCC Campus Map.

All lecture timetables are in pdf format.

Evening Law

EBCL 2 (87kB) Second Year
EBCL 4 (44kB) Fourth Year

Day Degree Programmes

ProgammeFirst YearSecond YearThird YearFourth Year
BCL (Pathways) BCLP1 (123kB)  N/A N/A N/A
BCL*  N/A BCL2 & BCLI2 (112kB) BCL3 & BCLC4 & BCLI4 (128kB) N/A
BCL (Clinical)*  N/A BCLC2 (115kB) Placement BCL3 & BCLC4 & BCLI4 (128kB)
BCL (Law and French) BCLF1 (125kB) BCLF2 (109kB) Placement  BCLF4 (48kB)
BCL (Law and Irish) BCLGA1 (121kB) BCLGA2 (45kB) Placement BCLGA4 (52kB)
BCL (International)*  N/A  BCL2 & BCLI2 (112kB) Placement  BCL3 & BCLC4 & BCLI4 (128kB)
BCL (Law and Business) BCLB1 (59kB) N/A for 2016-17 N/A for 2016-17 N/A for 2016-17

 *BCL, BCL (Clinical) and BCL (International) incorporated as BCL (Pathways) for students entering UCC in 2016-17.

Certificate in International Human Rights Law

Cert IHR Law (93kB)

Certificate in European Human Rights Law

Cert EHR Law (33kB)

Certificate in European Business Law

Cert EBL (44kB)

Diploma in Common Law

DCLAW (93kB)

Diploma in Common Law (European)

DCLAWE (95kB) 

Diploma in Law & Legal English



LLB1 (61kB)

LLB2 (68kB)


LLM (Taught) LLM Taught (208kB)
LLM Business Law LLM Business Law (209kB)
LLM Child and Family Law LLM Child and Family (191kB)
LLM Criminal Justice LLM Criminal Justice (194kB)
LLM Environmental and Natural Resources Law LLM Environmental and Natural Resources Law (199kB)
LLM International Human Rights Law and Public Policy LLM International Human Rights and Public Policy (195kB)
LLM Intellectual Property and E-Law LLM Intellectual Property and E-Law (206kB)
LLM Marine and Maritime Law LLM Marine and Maritime Law (173kB)
LLM Practitioner LLM Practitioner (207kB)

Postgraduate Certificates & Diplomas

 Postgraduate Certificates & DiplomasTimetable
Postgraduate Certificate in Child Law PG Cert in Child Law (104kB)
Postgraduate Certificate in Criminal Justice PG Cert in Criminal Justice (51kB)
Postgraduate Diploma in Law (Child and Family Law) PG Dip (Child and Family Law) (189kB)
Postgraduate Diploma in Law (Intellectual Property and E-Law) PG Dip (Intellectual Property and E-Law) (205kB)

See also Campus Maps and Google Map.

AL: Áras na Laoi

ASH: Ashford (Donovan Road, across from Honan Chapel)

ASK: Askive (Donovan Road, across from Honan Chapel)

BB: Butler Building (over footbridge and walkway to North Mall Campus) ["Distillery Fields"]

BHSC: Brookfield Health Sciences Complex

BV: Brighton Villas (near Castlewhite Apartments, Western Road)

BL4: 4 Bloomfield Terrace (near Castlewhite Apartments, Western Road)

CARR3: 3 Carrigside (College Road, near Boole Library)

CE: Civil Engineering Building (Main Campus)

CPB: Cavanagh Pharmacy Building

CEC: Cork Enterprise Centre (over footbridge and walkway to North Mall Campus) ["Distillery Fields"]

CONN: Connolly Building (opposite River Lee Hotel, Western Road) [“Old Pres”]

DIST or DH: Distillery House (over footbridge and walkway to North Mall Campus) ["Distillery Fields"]
For Distillery House a door code may be needed; to obtain the code show your student ID card to the member of UCC security staff at the car park entrance to Cork Enterprise Centre

ELD1 & ELD5:   No.1 or No.5 Elderwood (College Road, near Boole library)

ELECT: Electrical Engineering Building

FSB: Food Science Building

GG: Geology / Geography Building (Main Campus)

KANE: Kane Building (Science Building)

LL: Boole Basement (entrance near the Main Restaurant)

LP: Lucan Place (near Castlewhite Apartments, Western Road)  

MUSK: Muskerry Villas (opposite River Lee Hotel, Western Road)

ORB: O'Rahilly Building (Main Campus)

PERR3: 3 Perrot Avenue (near Hayfield Manor hotel)

SAF: Safari (Donovan Road, across from Honan Chapel)

SAFCBN ANX : Safari/Carrigbawn - Annexe (Donovan Road, across from Honan Chapel)

SIL: Silverdale (near Hayfield Manor hotel, off Perrot Avenue)

WDL ANLT: Windle Medical Building (near Quad) - Anatomy Lecture Theatre 

WGB: Western Gateway Building (on Western Road, towards Victoria Cross)

WW: West Wing (Quad)

If a room / venue code does not appear on this list try http://timetable.ucc.ie.

ÁR: Dr Áine Ryall
AP: Dr Aisling Parkes
BSF: Dr Bénédicte Sage-Fuller
CF: Professor Caroline Fennell
CM: Dr Claire Murray
COM: Dr Conor O'Mahony
COS: Dr Catherine O'Sullivan
DGM: Professor David G. Morgan
DM: Professor Deirdre Madden 
DWal: Declan Walsh
DWhe: Dr Darius Whelan
DA: Dorothy Appelbe 
FD: Dr Fiona Donson
FW: Dr Fidelma White 
ILF: Professor Irene Lynch Fannon
JM: Professor John Mee
LC: Dr Louise Crowley
MC: Dr Maria Cahill
MD: Professor Mary Donnelly
MMcD: Professor Maeve McDonagh
OMcI: Professor Owen McIntyre 
SH: Professor Steve Hedley
SM: Professor Siobhán Mullally 
SÓC: Dr Seán Ó Conaill 
UK: Professor Ursula Kilkelly

Click here for staff profiles

Tutorials will commence on Monday 26th September, unless otherwise advised by your lecturer or tutor.

All tutorials will take place on a fortnightly basis except where otherwise advised.

Registration for tutorials for modules in running in Semester Two will be available in December.

Students are required to sign-up on the School of Law Tutorial Sign-Up System for a particular tutorial in advance of attending.

Only students who are registered with UCC will be permitted to register on the School of Law Tutorial Sign-up System. 

If you have issues signing up please fill out the tutorial query form.

There is a comprehensive listing of the tutorial times online at the following link - http://www.ucc.ie/law/students/tutorial-times/

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