Atmospheric Remote Sensing


The European Aerosol Research LIdar NETwork aims to provide a quantitative, comprehensive, and statistically significant database for the horizontal, vertical, and temporal distribution of aerosols on a continental scale.

The 3 channel Raman lidar system in Cork works to provide climatological measurements to the EARLINET database, to perform a statistical analysis of the planetary boundary layer height over Cork, and to compare extinction coefficient measurements with that of the AERONET Sunphotometer.

Aeronet sun - Photometer

AERONET Sun-photometer

The AErosol RObotic NETwork provides a long-term, continuous and readily accessible public domain database of aerosol optical, microphysical and radiative properties for aerosol research and characterization, validation of satellite retrievals, and synergism with other databases. The network imposes standardization of instruments, calibration, processing and distribution.

Sun Photometer

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