Planning is key when you are transitioning from the face-to-face classroom to an online environment. With the very quick change in response to the COVID-19 national emergency, we recommend you think about what you absolutely have to do and how you have done this before. Don’t let ‘perfection be the enemy of the good’.

When you realise you have to move your class online quickly, you’ll need to do a few things right away:

  • Learn as much as you can about the situation
  • Check with your department
  • Download the Canvas Teacher App
  • Review your module(s) and set realistic teaching and learning goals
  • Decide what (and how) to move online
  • Update your module and start teaching online

It is incredibly important to be flexible when moving online with short notice.  Some of your policies may have to change for the duration of the disruption (e.g. late policies, attendance requirements, etc.) and others may have to change as the situation evolves.  Be prepared to revise schedules and assignments to reflect changing circumstances and be sure to communicate with your students throughout this process.

When moving your teaching online with short notice, make sure to use tools and approaches familiar to you and your students.  Now is not the time to experiment!  You might be pleasantly surprised at how much you can accomplish with the tools you use every day.

Remember, as well, that students may not have reliable internet or computer access, so try to keep this in mind when deciding how to revise your module. For example, provide downloadable materials students can review offline or audio files instead of video.

For more information and suggestions, book a consultation with someone from the Centre for Digital Education.

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