Assessment Services

Examination Timetables

Examination timetables will be generated by the SREO in line with assessment information held in the Book of Modules.

Examination timetables will be circulated in provisional format for review to ensure any required changes are identified and implemented in advance of the examination dates.

Examination dates/times scheduled by the SREO will reflect the final submission deadline for that examination.

Exam Paper Cover Sheets

All online examinations must include a cover sheet and be formatted as per SREO guidelines. Please contact Margo Hill for more information  .

University Examination Boards

Examination Boards will be scheduled in line with the information held in the Marks and Standards for a programme.

Examination Boards will be held on MS Teams until such time as public health guidelines allow for in-person attendance.

Where University Examination Boards are made aware of substantiated Mitigating circumstances, that University Examination Boards may approve Waiver of Capping at Supplemental Examination.

For more information on Examination Boards, see Section 14 of the Guide to Examinations and Assessments

Marks & Standards

The Marks and Standards for each programme must be reviewed to ensure they are reflective of the programme requirements.  

Click here to view Marks and Standards for all programmes

Marks Return & Broadsheets

Marks returned for a student will be subjected to the Marks and Standards for the relevant programme to generate the final mark and judgement for that student.

The full breakdown of modules taken, marks achieved in those modules, the resultant judgements, in addition to the overall mark and judgement for the student will appear on the programme broadsheet for presentation at Examination Board.

Broadsheets will be available via ITS - and should be reviewed by all programme representatives in advance of the institutional Examination Board.

On-Campus Exam Invigilation

In line with prevailing public health recommendations, please contact the SREO in the  exceptional circumstance that an in-person examination may need to be considered.

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