Digital Citizenship & Your Mental Health

Digital Citizenship

Be kind and respectful to your online classmates and lecturer. Think of the social conventions and norms that exist in a face-to-face classroom – these same rules apply when online. 

Please remember that your lecturers might be lecturing online for the very first time, and many of you might be trying it for the first time too. Be patient with each other. If something doesn't work, don't get frustrated. Mistakes will happen. The most important thing is that we remain connected as a UCC learning community and support each other. If you need help – please reach out and ask. 

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mind yourself. Be kind to yourself. If you feel frustrated or confused at any stage, remember this is absolutely normal. Take a break. Speak with someone you trust. Get some fresh air. Remember, there are others who are experiencing very similar feelings so please reach out to friends and classmates too. Isolation can be challenging so keeping regular contact with people is critically important. We in UCC will always be there for you our learners, so please reach out and ask, and we will do our very best for you.  

UCC has a Student FAQs section to answer any questions you might have at this difficult time.  If you are seeking mental health support, UCC’s Crisis Text Line is available. The Crisis Text Line's anonymous text message support service is available to UCC students and staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Text 'UCC' to 086 1800 280 to chat anonymously with a trained volunteer 24/7.

Focus on the Positive

This is an opportunity to collaborate and connect in a new and exciting way. There is an opportunity to manage your own time and work in the way that suits you best. There is technical support available as well as academic support – and so make sure to avail of this when you need it. This experience will improve your technical skills, as well as your life skills and this will stand to you in all future life challenges and opportunities.

Remember, we are all human, there will be days where it will be challenging to motivate ourselves, but tomorrow brings a fresh start and you are in charge of that.  

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