Examinations and Assessment

A Guide to Online Summer Examinations and Assessments

Updated 31 March 2020 at 9.40pm

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in the interests of staff and student health, the university has decided to substitute Summer written examinations with an online format.

This brief web page aims to help students prepare for online examinations.

No Academic Disadvantage

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis. Students who complete their examinations will have their marks reviewed in the normal way, and all examination marks will be reviewed in light of these exceptional circumstances.

In addition, the following exceptional measures have been put in place:

  1. Students whose personal circumstances have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, may apply to defer their summer online exam. This includes students who cannot access the hardware/software and internet connectivity required to complete the online exam.
  2. Students who sit a summer online exam but are unhappy with the grade awarded may choose to resit the exam to improve their grade.
  3. Students who fail a summer online exam can re-sit the exam without penalty. 

Students wishing to avail of these exceptional measures will be required to complete a simple online application process, details of which will be made available shortly. Students who re-sit/repeat a summer online exam will not incur an exam repeat fee.


Please check that your module registration is up to date. Your module registration details are available on https://mystudentadmin.ucc.ie/

If you are not registered for a module you will be unable to take the online exam. If you need to change your registration record you should immediately email sreo@ucc.ie 


Your exam timetable is available on https://mystudentadmin.ucc.ie/

It is intended that each exam will only run at the scheduled time but some necessary changes may be made to your timetable. Your module lecturer will inform you of any such change.

You should familiarise yourself with your timetable and check it in the days leading up to your exams.


All online examinations will be delivered through Canvas unless otherwise specified. Please familiarise yourself with Canvas assessment functionality and check that you can access the relevant modules prior to the examination period.


  • You will need a laptop/computer and internet connection to take an online exam.
  • You will also need to have Microsoft Word.
  • In some instances, other software may be mandated by your Department/School and they will advise you separately of any such requirements.

If you cannot meet these requirements, you can choose to apply to defer your exam as outlined above.

Assessment Formats

Your module co-ordinator has chosen an online assessment format that will assess the module learning outcomes and satisfy requirements of professional/accrediting bodies and External Examiners. This is important for your career and employability.


Exam durations and reading time will remain as listed on the exam timetable unless otherwise specified by your Department/School. An additional 20 minutes will be allowed so that students can save and upload their work. Canvas will timestamp all assessment submissions as per normal practice. Scripts uploaded after the allocated time has passed will not normally be accepted.


Online exams are university exams and subject to the university’s exam regulationsplagiarism policy and Code of Honour. TurnitIn will be enabled on all submissions. A breach of examination rules is a serious issue and can incur penalties including the awarding of a mark of zero for an entire module. Do not risk cheating.

DSS Students

Exam accommodations for students registered with the Disability Support Service will be facilitated. For further information please refer to the DSS website.



The University appreciates that these are exceptional times which pose particular challenges for students and staff. UCC is committed to upholding the integrity of its examination processes while at the same time doing everything to support students to realise their full potential. Please contact your Department/School if you have any questions.

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