Gary Keegan


Gary Keegan is Director of the Irish Institute of Sport. The Institute of Sport is a government agency set up in 2006 to manage and coordinate high performance sport in Ireland. Its mission is to create an environment of support which ensures that talented Irish athletes achieve sustained levels of excellence in elite sport. This involves a variety of supports including enhanced delivery and development support to high performance athletes in;

  • Management, Coaching and Systems
  • Performance Science; Psychology, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Physiology, Performance Analysis, Biomechanics,
  • Performance Medicine; Medicine, Physiotherapy and Specialist referral.
  • Athlete services Scholarships, Career Development and Performance Mentoring

Previous to Gary's current role, he spent six years as high performance director with the Irish Amateur Boxing Association’s (IABA) high performance boxing programme. There Gary and his team devised a world class high performance management programme which was under pinned by a process driven business model. Over a six year period the Irish high performance programme achieved Major European, World and Olympic medal success with no fewer than 29 medals achieved at these levels across the age spectrum.

Gary is a strong exponent in facilitating people to realize their own potential through the creation of supportive environments that are conducive to the delivery of high performance in people and processes. He has worked across a broad spectrum of indigenous businesses, SME’s and MNC’s lecturing in the areas of High Performance, Systems, Vision and Strategy.

Gary will be our final presenter, speaking at 16.15 on Thursday. His presentation is entitled 'Sustaining Engagement with Performance - Getting your Ecology right'.



Gary Keegan

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Director of Irish Institute of Sport



16th Annual IUA HR Conference