Office 365 Fundamentals

Office365 Fundamentals

The Office 365 Fundamentals training will outline the basic concepts of how to use Office 365.  It will include the importance of storing data securely and give an understanding of what cloud storage is and how to use it.  The basic elements of using Outlook, Word, Excel Online will be covered.  It will also demonstrate how to upload. retrieve and synchronise files using One Drive for Business.    

No previous Office365 knowledge is required. 

Course Content 

  • Office365 Overview  
  • Logging in to O365 
  • Quick overview of the landing page and apps 
  • Data Storage  
    • Using Cloud storage – examples of when and why you use. 
    • Storing data on the network (nas) 
    • Data security – no work-related files saved o the hard drive 
  • One-Drive for Business  
    • What it is and how it can help you 
    • Uploading, saving and retrieving files 
    • Realtime collaboration 
    • Versioning of documents 
    • Syncing files 
    • Recommended uses 
  • Outlook, Word & Excel On-line  
    • Open and use each for regularly performed task in each app  
    • Outlook – will include turning on/off conversation view, reading pane, automatic replies, signatures 
    • Explain use of On-line app v Client version 
  • Q&A Session 

Training Delivery 

There is a charge for this course and can be organised for groups of individuals from the same department. Groups can be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 people.

This training will be delivered by an external training company with the purchase order raised by your department.    

Digital Badge

There is an optional Office365 Fundamentals Digital Badge linked to this training.  Candidates will be required to pass an On-line assessment and submitting a personal statement to be awarded the digital badge.

Course Duration3 hours Venue: Training Room 2, 4th Floor Kane Building.