Excel 2016 Quick Analysis Tool

Excel 2016 Quick Analysis Tool

The quick analysis tool is new since Excel 2013.  This tool is a button that appears to bottom right of the data selected.  It enables the user to quickly access features such as Conditional Formatting, Charts, Functions, Tables, Pivot Tables, and Sparklines at the click of a button.

Course Content

This course will cover the following features:

  • Formating using conditional formatting
  • Setting rules to highlight interesting data
  • Creating charts
  • Totals - this automatically creates calculations for your data
  • Formatting data quickly as a Table
  • Creating a Pivot Table - used to analyse data
  • Sparklines - these are tiny, word-sized charts that can appear in a cell

Duration of Course

2 hours


Prior attendance at Excel Level 1 and or Level 2 is not essential but would prove beneficial.  A good basic knowledge of Excel will be assumed.

To Book:

Check our timetable for our next scheduled course then Email tcentre@ucc.ie