ICDL Testing Schedule

ICDL Testing Dates and Times

Note: There is currently no classroom based ICDL Testing due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our Test Centre is now using an on-line testing option called Record & Review.   This option is only available to UCC students/staff that already have a Skills Card and meet the criteria for completing testing at home. ICDL Checklist Remote Testing UCC 2021

Training materials can still be accessed via Canvas

Testing Schedule 2021

Dates & Times for Testing Book Session

No testing until Sep 2021

No bookings

Click on Book to complete the Booking Form for the required test session.  Further dates will be added regularly.

There is 45 minutes assigned to each exam on the testing system.  Please allow at least 1 hour for the exam to facliitate checks and setup before the exam.

Remember: you must already have a Skills Card and have completed the checklist for remote testing before booking an ICDL Test. See Exam Registation and Costs section for further information