What is ICDL?

The International Computer Driving Licence, or ICDL, is the new branding for what was formerly known as ECDL. It establishes standards for everyone using a computer in either a professional or personal capacity. It provides documentation to show that the holder can use a computer in practice and has some basic IT knowledge.
Started in Finland, ICDL is now recognised in 17 European Countries, as well as Canada and Australia. It is governed worldwide by the ICDL Foundation, which is based in Ireland. See the website at www.icdl.ie.

ICDL Syllabus

IMPORTANT: The information below is what ICDL is at present but exciting new changes are on the way!  See https://icdl.ie/ for details.   

The UCC Test centre will continue to role out ICDL in it's present format to existing candidates.  However we will not be accepting any new candidates until 2022.

Candidates will receive an ICDL profile once they have registered and passed one ICDL module.  Each subsequent module gets added to the ICDL Profile

Click any of the below module names to download a pdf outlining that module's syllabus.

ICDL Essentials





Completing ICDL in UCC

Last updated 22 July 2021

Note: There is currently no classroom based ICDL Testing due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our Test Centre is using an on-line testing option called Record & Review since Feb 2021.   This option is only available to UCC students/staff that already have a Skills Card and meet the criteria for completing testing at home. ICDL Checklist Remote Testing UCC 2021

* We hope to return to classroom based Testing in October 2021 for existing candidates.  We will update our website and put an announcement on Canvas when bookings are available.

** ICDL is currently undergoing  exciting new changes and we hope to be offering this to all new candidates in early 2022. Read more here. This will mean changes to how we access training materials, more modules on offer and changes to costs. Further information coming soon.

At present training materials can be accessed by all UCC staff and students via Canvas free of charge.

We use the UCC Shop for on-line payment for ICDL Test Units. Cash payments are not accepted.  
It is not currently possible to purchase a Skills Card on-line as we are only offering testing to staff/students that already have a Skills Card. 

UCC staff and students wishing to complete ICDL exams in our Test Centre need to carry out the following steps.  

  1. Online Training: Access the free on-line training via Canvas.   
    (the password required for on-line purchases of Test Units is also available here).
  2. Check requirements for Record & Review Testing.  Click ICDL Checklist Remote Testing UCC 2021 to view requirements.  A completed system check must be uploaded when booking a test session using the Test Booking Form. Only available to candidates that have already registered with us and have completed one classroom based exam.

  3. Book Test Sessions: Check ICDL Testing timetable and use the Test Booking Form to complete the booking. 

  4. Buy a Test Unit Go to UCC Shop and select ICDL from the On-line Bookings menu to purchase a Test Unit using the password from Canvas.   Please email proof of purchase to icdl@ucc.ie in advance of testing date.

  5. Complete ICDL Exams