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Statistical Applications Training Options

While we don’t provide classroom training for the statistical applications licenced for use in UCC (NVivo, Minitab, SAS, SPSS), there are a number of resources available for learning how to get started and best use them. These vary from (fee paid) classroom based courses delivered by the application providers themselves to a myriad of free Internet provided self-help and online tutorials.

Information for the application provider’s courses are available on their official websites at:

There are some useful and free online tutorials available here.




In addition, many individuals and groups, particularly from Universities,  have made their knowledge and expertise of these applications available to the wider Internet community through online tutorials and step by step guides. A quick Internet search using Google or Bing for “SPSS Tutorials”, for example, will direct you a wealth of resources. A good reference for SPSS tutorials is

Another good source of online tutorials  is , search there for tutorials for these applications.

Finally, the National Digital Learning Repository (NDLR) hosts many online guides and tutorials provided for general use by the Irish HE community. 

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