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What is the NDLR?

The National Digital Learning Resources (NDLR) is an Irish higher education sectoral initiative, to enable the sharing of digital learning content and associated teaching experience across Universities, Institutes of Technologies and associated Colleges funded by the HEA. The NDLR mission is “to promote and support Higher Education sector staff in the collaboration, development and sharing of digital learning resources and associate teaching practices”.

What kind of learning resources can you find?

The National Digital Learning Resources houses many different types of learning material, covering a wide variety of applications. A quick search through the resources will find the following:

  • SPSS video tutorial
  • Microsoft Office tutorials
  • And many others

Stay Safe Online

PC and Internet security are of the  utmost importance in the ever changing IT sector. The following links should provide you with useful information in regards to protecting your PC's data, and your personal information while surfing the internet.

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