MicroSessions Recordings

This page contains recordings of our Microsessions.

Below, you will find the recorded sessions in sequential order, each with a description below the video outlining the contents of the session.

Please note these are recordings from live training sessions, so there are questions and interactions with users as well as the core content.

Intro To Teams

This broad introduction to Teams covers:

  • Overview of Teams desktop client app
  • Using Chat - @mention, pin a chat, format a chat message
  • Test a call, Make a call
  • Meetings – setting up a meeting and also how to invite external users
  • Meetings – blur/change background, share your screen, raise a hand
  • Teams@UCC

Teams For Teaching

This look at using Teams in the context of teaching students looks at:

  • Creating a Team
  • How to add a list of student names to a team using a code
  • Chat within a Team
  • Meetings – inviting students via Outlook or Canvas
  • Meeting options – recording meeting, record attendees, End for all participants. Also, background, share screen, raise hand.
  • Meeting Chat & Meeting Notes
  • Teams@UCC

Teams For Collaboration

This session focuses on:

  • Collaboration in Teams 
  • Creating, adding, manipulating files
  • Where files are stored and accessing them (channels, chats etc)

Intro to Office365 and OneDrive

This session covers:

  • The difference between Office365 and traditional 'Office' (client vs online)
  • What OneDrive is and what it is for
  • Core OneDrive functions - New files, upload, move, delete
  • Sharing files and the different permission options, revoking access
  • Syncing between your online OneDrive and your desktop OneDrive folder

Word: Essential Formatting

This Microsession covers:

  • Using styles to generate a hierarchy of headings in your document
  • Creating a table of contents or using the navigation pane to navigate using headings
  • Inserting and arraging images
  • Inserting and removing hyperlinks
  • Inserting a default or custom watermark (image or text)
  • Inserting basic page numbering

Download: Word Essential Formatting Presentation

Download: Word Essentials Worksheet

Word Referencing and Bibliographies

This session covers:

- Inserting and formatting footnotes and endnotes

- Creating, managing, inserting and formatting sources and citations

- Generating a bibliography

- Captioning images and generating a table of figures


Excel Basics

Excel Sort, Filter and More

Excel Pivot Tables

Excel IF & VLookup Functions

The IF function allows you to make logical comparisons between a value and what you expect. So an IF statement can have two results. The first result is if your comparison is True, the second if your comparison is False.

The VLOOKUP function in Excel finds things in a table or range by row.

This session will cover:

  • IF functions with demo & practice file
  • VLooking with demo & practice file

Excel QAT

O365 Forms

Intro to Pixlr and Image Editing for the Web

This session looks at:

  • Where to source images for the web
  • Image Composition tips and tricks
  • Copyright considerations
  • Accessing Pixlr image editor
  • Scaling, cropping and adding text to an image
  • Saving an image for the web

Download: Intro To Pixlr Presentation

Pixlr Advanced Image Editing

This session covers:

- Image adjustments (brightness, contrast, exposure, hue, temperature)

- 'Photoshopping' your images:

- Spot Heal Brush to remove small items and blemishes

- Clone tool to remove larger objects

Teams Breakout Rooms

Teams: Breakout Rooms

Due to the nature of this feature we were unable to create a good quality recording of this session.

The session covered:

  • Setting up breakout rooms
  • Adding attendees to rooms
  • Returning to main room

Please click Teams Breakout Rooms Training Resources to access links for support, training guide and training video. 

PowerPoint Tips


This MicroSession covers:

  • Inserting charts and diagrams
  • Action buttons
  • Animations and transitions
  • Sections and Summary Zoom
  • Presenting with Teams

Please note: A basic knowledge of PowerPoint would be helpful before attending this session.  Click here to view Microsoft PowerPoint training.