Office365 Fundamentals

About Office365 Fundamentals

Who is it for?

UCC Staff

What is Office365 Fundamentals?

Online short course focusing on the basics of cloud computing and cloud storage in Office365. Self-paced with the opportunity to obtain a Digital Badge.


The 5 lessons in this course cover:

  • Introduction To Cloud Storage
  • Office365 Overview
  • OneDrive - File Storage and Sharing
  • Word Online and File Collaboration
  • Outlook Online - Email in Office365

How long does it take?

3 hours, plus assessments

Acess the Training Materials

You can access the training via Canvas here. Log into Canvas with your staff email address and password, and click 'Enrol in course' on the far right. The course will then be available to you on your dashboard to work through at your own pace.

Earn a Digital Badge

  1. Complete the Office365 Fundamentals course, which includes a set of exercises to be completed in your Office365 UCC account
  2. Complete an online exam consisting of theory questions and demonstration of tasks
  3. Write a statement of min. 150 words on how you will implement your learning in the workplace

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