ICDL (Formerly ECDL) Exam Registrations and Exam Slots Available

24 Sep 2019

Registration slots for Semester 1 are now open, and exam slots during Sept/Oct are also available. Please read the information below regarding registering for testing, and booking an exam slot.

Registrations for ICDL (formerly ECDL) exams have opened for Semester 1.

In order to sit ICDL exams, you first need to attend a registration slot.

There are four slots available for Semester 1, the dates of which can be found here. Registration will re-open in Semester 2.

At registration, you must pay €50 (cash only) for your Skills Card, which is used to track your exam progress.

You must also sign up for your exam account with us and with ICS skills (two online forms).

Once this is complete, you can book into testing sessions.


Exam Sessions for September/October 2019 Available:

Once you have registered for exams, please view the timetable here, and email us at with your name, student number, and the date and time of the exam slot you wish to attend.