IT MicroSessions

Classroom learning - online

What is it?

Our IT MicroSessions are short on-line training sessions on various Microsoft applications and will run twice a week from early May.

These sessions are intended to be bite-sized training events for small groups of attendees. Each session will cover one or more related topics from our classroom training, such as Pivot Tables from Excel, or Page Layouts and Section Breaks from Word. We are aiming to deliver an online, flexible, and interactive alternative to our self-study and on-campus classroom options.

How does it work?

IT MicroSessions will be delivered by IT Training using Microsoft Teams and will last 45 minutes, during which time the trainer will demonstrate tips and tricks via screen-share.

How do I sign up?

To register for one or more events, please fill out our expression of interest form

Please note: Due to high demand for these sessions, we are fully booked for May and June. 

We may schedule future dates subject to demand so please complete the expression of interest form if you would like to avail of any of the topics or would like to suggestion alternative courses.

Our MicroSession Topics are outlined below. 

IT MicroSessionTopicsPresentation
Intro to Office365 & OneDrive O365 Interface, OneDrive Interface, Client vs Online applications, Upload Files/Folders, Sharing and Revoking Access, syncing. Office365 and OneDrive Slides
Excel Pivot Tables    
Powerpoint Overview Powerpoint Interface, Creating and editing different types of slides, inserting pictures/text, manipulating SmartArt/Charts, Grouping and Arranging Objects, screenshots, reuse past slides, Design tab and Design Ideas Powerpoint Slides and Exercises 
O365 Forms    
Word Page Layout & Section Breaks What are page and section breaks, when and why should they be used, how to add, view and delete them, and how to format sections with vertical alignment, orientation changes and margins. 


Practice File 

Excel Basic Formulae and Charting    
Excel Sort, Filter, Subtotal    
Excel Extra Functions & Features     

Please note that while the presentation slides for the MicroSessions are available above, these are only accompanying overviews of the topics and do not go through the tutorial steps demo-ed in each session.