Exams Registration and Booking

There is currently no classroom based ICDL Testing due to COVID-19.

Our Test Centre is using an online testing option called Record & Review. This option is only available to UCC students/staff that:

  1. Already have a Skills Card
  2. Meet the criteria for completing testing at home. ICDL Checklist Remote Testing UCC 2021

Training materials can be accessed by all UCC staff and students via Canvas free of charge.

How to Register for the ICDL Test

Registration Process

  • Candidates must purchase an ICDL Skills Card. Go to UCC Shop and select ICDL from the On-line Bookings menu to purchase the skills card on-line using the password from Canvas. 
    Note: it is currently not possible to purchase a Skills Card as testing is only being offered to those who already have a one. 
    If you already have a Skills Card from another Test Centre please email icdl@ucc.ie for details on how to transfer your skills card.
  • Forward email receipt for purchase of Skills card to icdl@ucc.ie. We will reply with the link to complete exam registration. 
  • Use your UCC email address when completing both forms.  The password that you set is needed for sitting your ICDL exams, so please make sure to remember it!
  • Exam modules may be taken in whichever order you wish. However, for candidates wishing to complete ICDL certification we do recommend that they complete the 4 ECDL Essential Modules first.

Payment Information

  • The test centre can online accept online payments or departmental budget transfer. Cash will no longer be accepted by the Test Centre.
  • Strictly no refunds. However, skills cards can be transferred to another test centre.
  • Staff Total ICDL Cost €190 Payment by Dept - if your department is paying the individual department should contact either their College Accountant of Management Accounting to organise a journal transfer i.e. to transfer funds from your budget to ours. Please email icdl@ucc.ie for the Test Centre Cost Code.

ICDL Costs

  • Skills Card : €50
  • Exams: €20 each

ICDL Essentials Certificate consists of 4 essentials module exams. 

For FULL ICDL Certification you must complete th 4 essential modules exams + 3 others.

If  a candidate is unsuccessful in an exam an additional test unit needs to be purchased on-line €20 for repeat exams.

Testing Schedule 2021

Dates & Times for Testing Book Session

Fri 20th Aug


Fri 27th Aug


Click on Book to complete the Booking Form for the required test session.  Further dates will be added regularly.

There is 45 minutes assigned to each exam on the testing system.  Please allow at least 1 hour for the exam to facliitate checks and setup before the exam.