What is new ECDL?

Older versions of ECDL consisted of 7 ECDL module exams to attain an ECDL Certificate.  With New ECDL candidates will have up to 11 modules to choose from and can either attain ECDL Essentials Certificate (pass a min of 4 modules) or ECDL Award (pass a min of 7 modules).   Candidates will receive an ECDL profile once they have registered and passed one ECDL module.  The three year limit to complete ECDL has been removed, meaning candidates can add additional modules whenever they wish.   Put simply there will be more choice and flexibility.  

ECDL Essentials Cert

  • Computer Essentials *
  • Online Essentials *
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets

ECDL Award

  • the above 4 from ECDL Essentials 
  • + any 3 of the following:
    • Presentations
    • Using Databases
    • IT Security *
    • Online Collaboration - using Google Drive *


    • Online Collaboration - using Sky Drive* Training Only - No testing currently available in this module
    • Project Planning *  Training Only - No testing currently available in this module

*=New Module

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